The Public Procurement of Innovation Award aims to recognise successful public procurement practices that have been used to purchase innovative, more effective and efficient products or services.

5 finalists selected for Procurement of Innovation Award 2015

From all the excellent applications for the PPI Award 2015 these finalists have been selected:

  • Federal Procurement Agency, Austria
  • Stockholm County Council (Karolinska University Hospital), Sweden
  • Galician Public Health Service, Spain
  • Consip - Central Purchasing Body, Italy
  • Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands

The winner will be revealed at the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement event in Paris, 27 & 28 October.




The winner of the 2014 PPI award

Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam (the Netherlands) has been announced as the winner of the Public Procurement of Innovation Award. The Dutch hospital, which overcame competition from five other finalists, impressed the jury through its innovative bed washing facility, which utilised modern robotics.

The Erasmus University Medical Centre procurement team asked bidders to design a more cost and environmentally efficient solution to disinfect the hospital's 70,000 beds and mattresses. The contract was won by IMS Medical, who proposed a creative approach - high precision cleaning robots that disinfect the beds in a conveyor belt format, similar to the set-up employed by car manufacturers.

Through the facility, the cleaning costs per bed were lowered by 35 percent compared with the existing solution, and the CO2 footprint reduced by 65 percent.

The City of Oslo (Norway), Région Rhône Alpes (France), and A Coruña City Council (Spain) were given honourable mentions during the ceremony.  A more in-depth profile of each finalist, detailing their organisation, procured innovation and supplier, is available below.

Read the press release.