PPI Award Finalist: Robotic Bedwashing Facility, Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam

Erasmus University Medical Center initiated the procurement ‘Robotic Bedwashing Facility’. In this procurement the Erasmus University Medical Center asked the market to design a more cost efficient solution to disinfect hospital annually 70.000 beds and mattresses, that also used less energy and water. Erasmus University Medical Center used the Forward Commitment Procurement principles that included a series of market soundings that stimulated cross supply chain interaction, a competitive dialogue and outcome based requirements. In the selection phase less emphasis was put on the past experiences with bed washing facilities than in regular procurements.

The contract was won by the IMS Medical (http://www.imsmedical.nl). This company offered a robotic solution that include high precision cleaning robots from the automotive industry. The costs per bed were lowered with 35% compared with the existing solution and the CO2 footprint was lowered with 65%. Furthermore, the solution made that the patients of the Erasmus University Medical Center are experiencing cleaner beds and the cleaning quality became more consistent.

The focus on the problem in this procurement instead of the suggested solution made that IMS Medical was able to think outside the box. Large possibilities are available to export the wash unit to one of the other 15.000 European hospitals. At the moment IMS, this solution has many followers and already got a number of interested hospitals. When the facility is proven operational IMS Medical will start a larger international marketing campaign. Furthermore, the system can be applied for the cleaning and disinfection of all equipment with standard dimensions that need cleaning in large volumes.

The budget for the procurement was € 1.000.000. Erasmus University Medical Center conducted this procurement with support and European funds via the LCB Healthcare and EcoQuip project. With the procurement IMS Medical was able to increase its staff with 25%. Furthermore, around 5 additional jobs were created at the machine builder. IMS Medical is an SME from Grootebroek, a small town in the Dutch province of North Holland. IMS Medical is active in the Medical sector. It has a turnover of around € 1.000.000 and 8 employees. Erasmus University Medical Center is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. With 1320 beds it is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands.