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9 February 2016


eafip workshop for public procurers in the water sector

Leeuwarden, Netherlands

The European Commission invites public procurers in the water sector such as ministries, regional and local authorities, and public utility companies to a free eafip workshop. The workshop will take place in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands) on 9 February and aims to highlight the penefits of innovation procurement of ICT solutions through pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and public procurement of innovation (PPI) in Europe.

The workshop will feature a presentation and discussion on EU funding opportunities for PCP and PPI in the framework of Horizon 2020, case studies and lessons learned, and the eafip Toolkit, which supports public procurers in preparing procurement of innovation.

Participants will have a unique chance to openly discuss unmet procurement needs, innovation concepts, project ideas, and much more. All procurers will have an opportunity to briefly present their ideas, plans, and projects in the parallel sessions. Participants are encouraged to begin thinking of concrete examples that they would like to implement.

For more information, click the link or download the agenda below.

18 February 2016


INNOCAT Italian Dissemination Event

Turin, Italy

The EU-funded INNOCAT project is holding a national dissemination event in Turin (Italy) on 18 February 2016. The free event will present the project's results and new scenarios for PPI in the catering sector, with reference to the circular economy.

The event will kick off with the official launch of guidelines by the City of Turin for a low-carbon catering service, as well as the presentation of proven approaches and best practices for sustainable catering procurement in Europe. Finally, a roundtable will examine the trends and challenges in the EU for the circular economy and circular procurement.

The event will conclude with a networking lunch and translation in English and Italian will be available. The event is free to attend.

For more information and to register, click on the link or download the agenda below.

23 February 2016


GPP 2020 webinar on low-carbon street lighting

The next GPP 2020 webinar will take place from 11:00-12:30 CET on 23 February, and will focus on low-carbon street lighting solutions. The webinar will inform participants of the impacts due to light pollution, discuss steps to take in pre-procurement, and present experiences of drafting GPP or low-carbon criteria.

GPP 2020 partner UNDP Croatia will present details about the street lighting tender done by Zupa Dubrovacka and Sabine Frank and colleagues will present work done at the German Wasserkuppe. Andrej Mohar from Dark - Sky Slovenia will further introduce to the related concept of light pollution.

For more information, download the webinar agenda below. To register for the webinar, click here.

29 February 2016


EURECA in Torino

Turin, Italy

This free event on 29 February in Turin (Italy) will present the EURECA project. EURECA aims to provide tailored solutions to help identify the cost saving opportunities while signposting the environmental impact of procurement choices.

The event will introduce the EURECA project, the background and the tools the project is developing for the public procurement sector. The European Code of Conduct for energy efficient datacentres will also be presented. The project is also interested in hearing how the public sector procures datacenter services and products in Italy could benefit from EURECA and the EURECA tool.

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