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21 February 2018


Webinar on the circular economy in ICLEI cities and regions

14:30-15:30 CET

In preparation for the ICLEI World Congress in Montreal (Canada), June 2018, this webinar (21 February, 14:30-15:30 CET) will investigate the role cities and regions can play in achieving the circular economy at the local level.

It will showcase experience from participants of the Procura+ Network and Global Lead Cities on Sustainable Procurement Network: Ghent (Belgium), Oslo (Norway) and Montreal. It will also feature experience from the social enterprise Circle Economy, which developed a circular economy plan based on urban metabolism studies for Amsterdam(Netherlands), Glasgow (UK) and the Flemish region.

Contributors to this webinar include:

Taking the circular economy to the city level – Roman Mendle, Smart Cities Program Manager at ICLEI World Secretariat.

Building synergies for a circular economy in Montreal – Josée Chiasson, Director of the Economic Development Branch at the City of Montreal.

Closing the loop through circular consumption and procurement in Oslo – Siri K. Bellika, Partnership on Circular Economy in the Urban Agenda for the EU and special consultant at Agency of waste management at the City of Oslo.

Co-creating circularity in Ghent: A commons-based approach – Jorn Verbeeck, Director Environment and Climate Agency, Department Sustainable Urban Development and Entrepreneurship at the City of Ghent.

The circular transition in the Americas – Kevin de Cuba, Director of the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas and Senior Fellow at the Worldwatch Institute.

Material flow analysis for more circular cities – Annerieke Douma, Director Program and Business Development at Circle Economy.

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22 February 2018


Webinar: How to use joint procurement to encourage innovation?

Hosted by the SPICE project, this webinar will provide a brief introduction into joint procurement and Common Buyers Groups in the context of public procurement. The webinar will also explore how joint and common procurement can be used to encourage innovation in procurement.

The webinar aims to explore the best practices in joint procurement, provide insights regarding the definition, types, benefits and challenges of common procurement, and support the work of new Common Buyers Groups.

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22 February 2018


Webinar: Market Engagement in Innovation Procurement - Practices, Tools and Experiences

Organised within the context of the MED PPI Network, will take place on the 22 February at 10:30 to 12:00. The webinar aims to discuss the context and perspectives of suppliers, to take a practical look at the different tools and approaches that can be used, and consider the benefits, challenges and success factors of effective engagement with the market.

The MED PPI Network is an initiative of the Prominent MED project. It

brings together all actors with an interest in innovation procurement

including local authorities, public bodies, SMEs, experts and academia.

You can register to the webinar via this link.