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8 February 2016

PPI Award winner showcased by euronews

A new video by euronews puts the spotlight on the environmentally friendly wastewater recycling system procured by the Austrian Mint, the purchase of which saw the Austrian Federal Procurement Agency take home the 2015 PPI Award. The ‘Business Planet’ report looks broadly at how innovation can help SMEs to win public contracts, using the Austrian Mint’s procurement of a wastewater recycling facility from Schell GmbH & CO.KG, a family-run business with around 20 employees, as a particularly fitting example.

Company CEO Sonja Schell spoke about her pride in working with the Austrian Mint to find an innovative solution, and the broader recognition that working with such a major organisation has brought. The solution provided by Schell GmbH enabled the water required as part of the coin production process to be cleaned and used again, saving 4 million litres of water per year.

Manfred Matzinger-Leopold, the executive director of the Austrian Mint, said that Schell GmbH was chosen as it managed to find the best balance between providing high water quality and price, as well as the system being relatively easy to install and maintain. The report underlines how procurement of innovative products and services can improve access to markets for SMEs and foster market uptake of innovations.

For more information, visit the euronews website.