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27 August 2015

Barcelona police reduce CO2 by going electric

The Barcelona Police Department (Spain) is significantly reducing CO2 emissions through purchasing electric scooters to replace their old fleet. A 48 month contract for the rental of 198 electric scooters, currently being rolled out as part of the GPP 2020 project, will result in an 87 percent reduction in CO2 emissions and completely cut direct emissions. By 2018, over 80 tonnes of CO2 will have been saved.

The scooters are being introduced incrementally, with early pilots helping to identify potential problems and ensure that the technology is mature enough to be used by the Police Force. The scooters have received extremely positive ratings in pilot tests conducted to date, which has helped the scheme to gain support.

A significant upfront investment was required to install the appropriate charging technology throughout the city, but this outlay is expected to be balanced by a saving on fuel costs in the long term. Overall it is foreseen that 36,144 litres of fuel will be saved as a result of the switch over the next three years. As well as the clear CO2 savings, the electric scooters are expected to improve local air quality in Barcelona and help to reduce sound pollution in the city.

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