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2 September 2015

EU initiative offers support to procurers purchasing PPI and PCP solutions

Procurers intending to purchase innovative information and communication technologies can avail of support in the form of training and assistance from the EU-funded eafip initiative. The three year initiative will select 12 procurers, working with them to successfully implement their pre-commercial procurement (PCP) or public procurement of innovation (PPI) procedure.

Specifically, the initiative wants to work with procurers looking to address some of Europe’s most significant challenges through PCP and PPI, such as an ageing population, climate change, resource scarcity, and the need for greater energy efficiency and a move to renewable sources. Those with an interest but limited experience in procuring innovative solutions are particularly encouraged to take part.

Procurers that wish to get involved should fill out the online questionnaire before 30 September 2015. Eafip will additionally develop a toolkit that will assist policy makers, public procurers and legal professionals in designing and implementing PCP and PPI procurement procedures. The initiative will also organise a series of workshops across Europe, providing procurers with good-practice approaches and hands-on support.

For more information, visit the eafip website.