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12 December 2016

Flanders region adopts innovation procurement action plan

The Belgian region of Flanders has adopted a new procurement action plan that fosters innovation. The plan, which is based on a combination of pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and public procurement of innovation (PPI), covers the period 2016 to 2019.

Under the new plan, at least 3 percent of Flemish public procurement expenditure will be dedicated to innovation procurement. A fund of 5 million euro will be allocated to provide financial support to Flemish public procurers to engage in innovation procurement.

An integrated model has been proposed by IWT, the Flemish innovation agency, one that covers the entire procurement journey, starting from political ambitions and ending with the final commercial procurement. On a longer term basis, the plan aims to encourage Brussels public procurers to integrate innovation into their procurements and to create cooperation between innovation procurement projects at Belgian and European level.

For more information, download the action plan [PDF].