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18 March 2014

Online tool seeks innovative lighting solutions

Manufacturers, innovators and suppliers are encouraged to submit their proposals for innovative lighting solutions through the newly launched PRO-LITE project Online Submission Tool. The tool enables suppliers to outline their ability to meet the needs of the organisations involved in the project prior to comprehensive engagement, helping to create a more productive dialogue between suppliers and client.

PRO-LITE partners are aiming to procure lighting solutions for buildings (school and office buildings), streets (traffic lighting and other road lighting), and underground rail networks. The solutions being sought should have reduced maintenance and replacement costs, low energy and carbon emissions, reduced whole life costs (including installation and maintenance costs), have great flexibility, and meet a range of other requirements.

Procurement of Lighting Innovation and Technology in Europe (PRO-LITE) is a partnership project co-funded by the European Commission. It aims to support the development of guidance for public sector authorities on how they can consolidate their procurement power to create economies of scale, procure innovation, and drive European economies.

For more information, or to submit a proposal, click here.