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28 May 2015

PPI Guide translated into Hungarian and Spanish

Hungarian and Spanish speakers can now read the PPI Platform's "Guidance for Public Authorities on Public Procurement of Innovation" in their native tongue, as the guide has been fully translated into both languages. The translated versions maintain the formatting of the original English version, and are available from the PPI Platform Guidance page. The new versions will make it easier for a wider array of procurers and stakeholders to put the guide's recommendations into action.

The guide is intended for all stakeholders involved in PPI, both those starting out and those looking to improve their current procurement activities. It offers explanations of procedures, definitions and answers to common questions, a selection of case studies, and useful resources for further reading. Particular emphasis is placed on ways in which procurement procedures can facilitate greater innovation.

The guide is based on the latest EU procurement directives and will be of interest to procurers, policy makers, consultants, private companies and others who have a stake in successful PPI.

To view the translations, download the Hungarian and Spanish versions.