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2 August 2016

Castelló issues first tender including CEPPI recommendations

The City of Castelló (Spain) has issued a tender to procure energy efficient printing, scanning and photocopying leasing, supplies and maintenance which include specific criteria based on the recommendations from the CEPPI project.

Suppliers bidding for this tender will need to include a description of the recycling system of the toner, specify the typical electricity consumption of the different models, and explicitly show whether they are providing low-melt toners and if they are 100 percent recyclable. Ecological solution will be awarded 0.5 points; low-melt toners will be awarded 2 points, and equipments offering the possibility of 100 percent recycling will get 2 points.

Technological improvements are also part of this tender, by taking into consideration innovative solutions that increase the speed of impression or allow printing from a mobile phone. Extra points will also be awarded for those improvements related to energy efficiency, such as preventive maintenance – based on life cycle considerations – and carbon reduction in the operations, by reducing miles or using eco-friendly vehicles. By intervening in this scheduled public tender, Castelló contributes to achieving the 33GWh/year saving goal of the CEPPI project. Suppliers can send their offers until 12th August 2016.

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