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7 May 2015

Puglia to hold consultation as part of water management solutions PCP

The southern Italian region of Puglia has announced a preliminary market consultation phase based on Art. 40 of the procurement directive as part of a pre-commercial procurement (PCP). The Region intends to purchase prototypes that are capable of increasing the efficiency of products and services for water resources management. Specifically, technologies that will detect and monitor water losses in the water distribution network and aid in the treatment and re-use of sludge from urban wastewater are being sought.

To take part, participants must be based in an EU Member State and upload an expression of interest online. The consultation will constitute a public hearing, which will outline the solutions required, discuss concerns regarding current technology and the potential for innovation, and look at performance requirements.

At the end of the public hearing, a report will be published, compiling the key outcomes of the discussion. A budget of €9 million is available for the PCP, with the contracts to be awarded to the most economically advantageous offers.

For more information, download the PDF.