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22 October 2014

Barcelona overcomes urban challenges via innovative Citymart platform

Citymart is a user-driven solution-oriented public procurement platform. The marketplace for cities provides a stage where cities present their challenges as open tenders, and companies and organisations propose solutions. Citymart directly connects companies, social entrepreneurs and research centres with cities seeking viable, innovative solutions to environmental and social issues. This approach provides start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises (SME) the chance to recommend their ideas and gain access to public procurement opportunities.

ICLEI member Barcelona (Spain) used the platform to obtain several urban solutions, including reducing bicycle thefts and monitoring pedestrian flows. In 2013 Deputy Mayor Sonia Recasens partnered with Citymart to deliver the Barcelona Open Challenge with a USD $1.5 million budget to procure six high-impact solutions. Winning submissions have now been selected and may be accessed via the Barcelona Municipal Services website [in Spanish]. By joining the #citiesshare alliance, Barcelona has assisted other cities in accessing innovative solutions, knowledge and good practice while establishing itself as a leader in opening sourcing solutions.

To date, more than 50 cities have adopted the Citymart procurement platform, including ICLEI members who have overcome a mixture of challenges including: Madrid (Spain): Enhancing urban mobility; Glasgow (United Kingdom): Co-designing solutions with local residents; Tartu (Estonia): Maximising data to improve public transport; Malmö (Sweden): Revitalising with collaborative consumption; Valencia (Spain): Engaging citizens in service delivery in cities.

For more information, visit the Citymart website.