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10 September 2015

PPI Platform praised in ERAC report

The European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC) has praised the Procurement of Innovation Platform in a new report that identifies good practice in the promotion of public procurement of innovation (PPI) across Europe. The report cites the platform’s development of guidance documents on PPI and its distribution of relevant news and documents.

The document also contains recommendations on policy options to encourage the uptake of PPI, aimed at the Council of the European Union, Member States, and the European Commission. For Member States, ERAC recommends creating a strategic framework for innovation procurement, one that contains definitions, goals and indicators, as well as tools and an outline of responsibilities. It also encourages the creation of a national coordinating service to offer support to contracting authorities, and the provision of financial incentives for authorities to undertake innovation procurement.

The European Commission is advised to set up a knowledge-sharing service on innovation procurement, while the Council is recommended to include the new indicator “innovation procurement” within the Innovation Union Scoreboard. The Council is also encouraged to invite the European Commission to develop a monitoring system that will give an accurate picture of innovation procurement in the EU.

For more information, download the document. [PDF]