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13 February 2014

Zürich procures two small drones for emergency response and surveying

The municipal police and the Department of Surveying in Zürich (Switzerland) have made a joint procurement of two small drones equipped with cameras. They weigh about 6.5 kilograms, can fly at up to 60 km/h and have a battery life of about half an hour. The photographs are transmitted instantly to a ground station for monitoring.

Making surveys and aerial photographs of traffic accidents, fires, or crime scenes are among the reasons for employing the drones. This will enable the police and other emergency services to analyse situations more easily and respond in a more coordinated way. The ability to easily take aerial photographs will also benefit municipal surveyors. One possible use in this regard would be 3D modeling of Zürich’s buildings.

The regulations for the use of the drones has been strictly delimited. They will not, for example, be used to monitor public protest. The total cost of the two drones is 50,000 CHF (€41,000), with the cost split between Zürich’s police force and the Department of Surveying.

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