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21 July 2016

PPI4Waste report identifies key areas of intervention

A State of the Art report on waste management, published by the PPI4waste project, has identified bio-waste, plastic packaging and bulky waste as areas which have the most potential for improvement in waste management across Europe. The State of the Art report aims to research demand and supply within specific waste streams and to identify innovative solutions for municipal waste management.

The PPI4Waste project aims promote public procurement of innovation within the waste sector across Europe. The study has been commissioned to provide an overview of the sector and identify the areas with the greatest potential for innovation. Key findings include a heavy skew towards public sector management of municipal waste and broad differences between Member State in waste production, collection and management.

Building on the findings of the report, the next steps within the project include assessing a feasibility plan for cross-border PPI and preparing for a potential joint or coordinated procurement.

For more information, read the latest PPI4waste Newsletter.