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25 July 2014

Competition for the connected hospital

Digital healthcare has great potential to connect different health trusts, departments and clinical pathways for improved service delivery, treatments and medical research. It can make healthcare systems more efficient in terms of cost and delivery, improving quality of care and access by making medicine more targeted and personalised. Major new research and developments are currently taking place globally, with opportunities to revolutionise traditional healthcare models and create a high-value industry.

The UK Technology Strategy Board is investing up to £6 million in digital health through an open competition, focusing on collaborative R&D projects that stimulate innovation. The competition has chosen to focus on health informatics, seeking proposals that will make secondary care more efficient and empower care providers, patients and their families. Funded projects range from £600k to £1m, and last anything from one to three years.

The Board has chosen to focus on business led projects, mainly industrial research. They are part-funding the projects, with the rest of the money coming from the public sector. The aim of the competition is to support and promote novel ideas for health informatics – specifically, using data to address healthcare needs within a hospital setting. Expressions of interest were received in early July and decisions on project will funding will soon follow. It is hoped that this competition will stimulate innovation and a burgeoning interest in digital healthcare throughout the UK.

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