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20 November 2013

New mobility model from Czech Republic helps traffic managers target congestion

Faced with rising traffic congestion, a major source of environmental and economic costs, a consortium based in the Czech Republic has developed an innovative "dynamic mobility model", which predicts traffic flows and enables traffic management decisions to be taken quickly and efficiently.

The data for the system is taken from company car fleet management databases, telephone company GSM data records and data on truck movements. Weather information is also incorporated into the mobility model. An analysis of these data streams allows the system to not only display current problems, but to predict areas where congestion is likely to be an issue. This empowers traffic managers to take immediate action to alleviate affected areas.

The data system could also be integrated into users’ personal electronic devices, giving them access to the information in real time. At present, the system is still in the development phase, but it is hoped that it will enable the Czech Republic to bypass standard traffic management services in favour of a more effective, innovative solution.

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