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15 October 2013

Scoreboard ranks EU countries on eco-innovation

An Eco-Innovation scoreboard has been released, assessing and illustrating eco-innovation performance across the 27 EU Member States. 16 indicators across five thematic areas are used to determine Member States’ strengths and weaknesses in terms of eco-innovation. The tool is particularly useful for policy-makers, allowing for the measurement of a country’s progress against the EU average in each thematic section.

The five indicators used are: eco-innovation inputs, eco-innovation activities, eco-innovation outputs, environmental outcomes and socio-economic outcomes. Most information used to furnish the indicators is gleaned from EUROSTAT, but other measurement sources (e.g. ISO Survey of Certifications, Cleantech, etc.) are utilised. A total of eight data sources were used to complete the tool.

Finland, Denmark and Sweden lead the overall scoreboard, with Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia occupying the bottom three positions. The scoreboard aims to promote a more holistic view of eco-innovation, incorporating economic, environmental and social performance.

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