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25 February 2016

CEPPI project releases first e-newsletter

The EU-funded CEPPI (Coordinated energy-related PPI actions for cities) project, which aims to develop the capacity of public authorities to implement innovation procurement solutions for energy-related projects, has released the first edition of its e-newsletter. This inaugural issue introduces readers to how the five CEPPI cities - Birmingham (UK), Budapest (Hungary), Castelló and Valencia (Spain), and Wrocław (Poland) - are identifying opportunities to save energy through PPI.

The newsletter covers the PPI Gap Analysis undertaken by the cities, including how it has encouraged them to consider their strengths and weaknesses relating to PPI and to set a baseline against which they can review their progress. It also provides information on the identification of energy hotspots and of possible areas of PPI intervention. The participation of CEPPI partners in the Procura+ Seminar held in Barcelona (Spain) is also highlighted.

Each newsletter will focus on a CEPPI city, with Valencia the first in the series. The e-newsletter will be published every six months, providing both project updates and related news. Those interested in receiving the next edition can subscribe online.

To view the newsletter, click here.