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11 July 2013

Smart@Fire uses PCP to develop next-generation Smart Personal Protective Systems for firefighters

For firefighters, being thrust into dangerous situations at a moment’s notice is part of the job. To maintain their safety, firefighters need to monitor, measure, interpret and act on their environment. The Smart@Fire project aims to use Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) to finance companies and researchers to develop Smart Personal Protective Systems for firefighters.

These systems will combine safety and comfort, and be applicable to a wide-range of possible situations. They will have the ability to determine the firefighter's position in relation to colleagues and hazards; provide communication with the firefighter's coordinating officer (usually at a distance); and measure environmental parameters and the firefighters’ vital functions.

The tendering procedure will begin with market consultation sessions between technology suppliers and procurers. The next phase will be pre-commercial procurement, in which working prototypes will be developed and tested. Finally, cross-border EU procurement will be implemented, which will see the product purchased on a large scale.

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