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29 November 2016

InnProBio project issues its third newsletter with updates on bio-based products

The InnProBio team released its third newsletter, including updates on the progress and the outcomes of the project, as well as other news related to the topic of bioeconomy. InnProBio is an EU-funded three-year project which began in March 2015 and aims to develop a community of public procurement practitioners interested in innovative bio-based products and services.

The “Project news” section introduces two of the three factsheets developed in InnProBio: one on sustainability of bio-based products, and the other on biodegradability. The consortium has also mapped the existing tools for bio-based products and services in public procurement to help facilitate the public purchase of bio-based products and services. The resulting document is featured in the newsletter.

The launch of the bio-based products’ database developed by the Open-Bio project is contained in the “Other news” section. This tool presents various items which are relevant for public procurers, and are sorted by application area, product type and Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) code.

To view the newsletter, click here.