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30 April 2014

iNSPiRe shares suggestions for energy-efficient building renovations

A collection of ideas for reducing energy consumption in older buildings has been shared in a leaflet recently published by the iNSPiRe project. The four-year EU-funded project aims to decrease energy consumption in residential and office buildings built prior to recent developments in insulation, heating systems and renewable energies. The leaflet is aimed at councils and businesses in the process of renovating their housing stock and provides a brief overview of the various options available for improving energy performance.

Featured solutions include improved lighting systems, solar thermal technology for heating and cooling and the use of renewable energies to replace more traditional gas and oil boilers for hot water. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the new technologies, construction company Gruppo Industriale Tosoni (GIT) is overseeing the renovation of three sites in Ludwigsburg (Germany), Madrid (Spain) and Verona (Italy).

Once the work is completed, they will be energy audited to provide concrete examples of the kind of impacts these measures can have on energy consumption. By taking a holistic approach to energy efficiency, the iNSPiRE project hopes to demonstrate that a series of small changes can have an impressive impact overall.

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