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8 September 2015

Clean Fleets project draws on past experiences to produce recommendations

Three years of experience and findings have been compiled into the Clean Fleets project's Policy Recommendations document, providing European and national policy makers with advice on purchasing Alternative Fuelled Vehicles (AVFs) for their public fleets. The document has been written by experts in the project consortium, including local authorities with practical experience of implementing the Clean Vehicles Directive.

Recommendations for national level officials include the establishment of capacity building programmes for fleet managers and vehicle procurers to grow institutional knowledge, and to provide free advice to public authorities and large fleet operators on sustainable mobility choices through national or regional centres of excellence. EU support and funding is recommended to help make these centres viable. It is also advised that vehicle and fuel taxation schemes be modified to encourage the use of AFVs and to be more consistent across the EU.

It is foreseen that the project’s recommendations will play a role in shaping the next iteration of the Clean Vehicles Directive. Other key outputs produced by the project include the Clean Vehicles Guide and LCC tool, a best practice case study compendium and a final results leaflet with more practical suggestions for fleet managers. All are available online and in hard copy by contacting

For more information, download the Policy Recommendations document. [PDF]