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31 May 2016

Oslo launches innovative tender for renovation of kindergartens

Omsorgsbygg Oslo, a municipal enterprise that manages property in Norway, is carrying out a public procurement of innovation for windows and insulation to be installed in three kindergartens undergoing renovation. The enterprise has already held a market event to meet potential suppliers, as well as conducting one-on-one meetings. The procurement is being carried out as part of the EU-funded PAPIRUS project.

The windows will be evaluated based on life-cycle cost and CO2 emissions, with environmental product declarations used to compare the windows’ contribution to global warming. In addition to environmental concerns, Omsorgsbygg also wishes to choose the windows with the lowest maintenance requirements.

Insulation will be assessed on purchase price and total CO2 emissions. The tender deadline is 20 June and Omsorgsbygg is planning to hold a tender conference to answer any remaining questions that suppliers may have. The PAPIRUS project aims to promote, implement and validate innovative solutions that help European cities to embrace sustainable construction.

For more information, visit the PAPIRUS website.


26 May 2016

Madrid study tour to showcase energy renovation of public building

Public procurers are invited to visit the Spanish capital of Madrid on 24 June to see first-hand how a publically owned building was renovated to the highest energy-efficiency standards using an innovative kit developed by the iNSPiRe project. The EU-funded project has developed kits capable of reducing the primary energy consumption of buildings which can be installed while occupants remain inside.

Procurers will gain a valuable insight into the latest innovations on the construction market and will learn of the challenges faced and solutions achieved in renovating a municipal-owned residential building. The case study building has been converted to nearly-zero energy with minimal disruption to residents.

Participation in the event is free of charge, but early registration is required to secure a place. Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements. The EU-funded iNSPiRe project aims to decrease energy consumption in residential and office buildings through the application of innovative methods.

For more information and to register, click here.


24 May 2016

Save the date: Procura+ Seminar 2016

ICLEI in cooperation with the Forum CompraVerde-BuyGreen conference have announced the 2016 Procura+ Seminar, which will take place 14 October 2016 in Rome, Italy. The full-day seminar is organised together with the SPP Regions and GPPbest project consortia.

The Procura+ series of seminars provide an opportunity for face-to-face exchange amongst purchasers from all levels of government and procurement stakeholders. The 2016 Seminar will explore how working together in networks – from regional to European level – can increase capacity and support implementation of sustainable and innovation procurement. The programme will include keynote presentations, workshops and interactive sessions aimed at building and strengthening existing networks.

The Procura+ Participants and Strategic Partners meeting will take place on the afternoon of 13 October, the day before the Procura+ Seminar. All are welcome to attend, get involved and receive a flavour of the activities the Procura+ Network has to offer.

Detailed information about the events will be made available on the Procura+ website. You can contact ICLEI with any questions or queries at


19 May 2016

First module of toolkit supporting uptake of PPI and PCP released

The first module of the eafip toolkit has been published, providing policy makers with information on the economic benefits of public procurement of innovation (PPI) and pre-commercial procurement (PCP), and guidance on how to embed PPI and PCP into innovation strategies. A total of three modules will be released.

The toolkit has been developed to provide support to policy makers to design PPI and PCP strategies, and to guide procurers and their legal departments in implementing the strategy. The second module will clarify the key steps in carrying out the innovation procurement process, while the third module will focus on legal services.

Modules two and three will be launched later this year. The EU-funded eafip initiative aims to promote innovation procurement and provide assistance to public procurers to help them carry out the procurement of innovative ICT based solutions. The project runs from 2015 - 2017.

For more information, visit the eafip website.


17 May 2016

First InnProBio market dialogue held in Rotterdam

A market dialogue on bio-based disposables for healthcare and catering took place on 19 April 2016 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), focusing primarily on the purchasing needs of hospitals and of the Dutch government. The event was held as part of the InnProBio project and organised by the Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre (PIANOo), the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Erasmus Medical Centre (The Netherlands) and the hospitals Reinier de Graaf and Rijnstate.

More than 130 people including representatives from local, regional and national governments, hospitals, producers and suppliers participated in the event. The deputy director of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Karin Weustink, explained the importance of a bio-based economy and how public procurers can set a good example for the private sector.

Participants at the event were informed about bioplastics and their biodegradability. Procurement practitioners presented their wish lists for bio-based solutions both in the healthcare and the catering sectors. The companies attending the market dialogue also had the opportunity to present their products and receive feedback from the audience on whether these solutions met procurers’ needs.

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12 May 2016

Final weeks to register for the Sustainable Catering Forum in Ghent

In just one month’s time, the Sustainable Catering Forum will bring together a wide-range of participants working in the field of sustainable public procurement, such as public procurers of food and catering services, local and regional government representatives, catering suppliers, researchers and more. The event will take place on 9 June 2016 in Ghent (Belgium).

The primary objective of the Forum is to give participants a space to learn from each other, exchange experience, and build new alliances for the changes needed to respond to the environmental, economic and social challenges that city-region food systems face. Guidance and experiences gathered over the last three years from the European INNOCAT project, which focused on purchasing eco-innovative catering and food, will be on show throughout.

Topics to be discussed include transforming school food services to healthier and more climate-friendly alternatives, minimising the environmental impact of hospital catering services, and reducing food waste and packaging. The draft programme is now available; registration can be completed online.

For more information, visit the event website.


5 May 2016

Bilbao hosts PPI4Waste workshop on municipal waste management

On 26 April 2016, public authorities and the PPI4Waste partners gathered for a one-day workshop in Bilbao, Basque Country, which explored purchasers' needs, financing opportunities, and ways to overcome the barriers to innovation in the field of municipal waste management. The workshop in Bilbao drew on the conclusions of other national Meet-the-Market events organised in Spain, Croatia and The Netherlands.

The first Meet-the-Market event, which was held on 30 March 2016 in Zaragoza (Spain), presented a strategic circular economy framework for municipal waste management, as well as the PPI framework in the country. The second event of the series, which took place on 31 March 2016 in Utrecht (The Netherlands), focused on the value of household waste and the possibilities for resource management.

The third event, organised on 5 April 2016 in Zagreb (Croatia), dealt with green public procurement and the establishment of resource efficiency and the circular economy. The last event of the series will be organised by ACR+ on 12 May 2016 in Brussels (Belgium). It will gather Belgian public purchasers and suppliers in the field of plastic waste management and will look at innovative solutions for the collection and separation of plastics in the country.

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3 May 2016

Borlänge releases tender for renovation of building stock

The Swedish city of Borlänge has launched an EU-wide tender for the renovation of publically owned apartment buildings. The tender has been prepared as part of the EU-funded PROBIS project, which helps local authorities to procure innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency when renovating building stock. The tender is open for applications until 27 May 2016.

The procurement will see the installation of an innovative new ventilation system in an existing apartment building, as well as reconstruction and sealing of the current ventilation, recovering previously-wasted heat. One of the tender requirements is that tenants are able to stay in their homes during the renovation process.

The primary expectations for the solution are: a ventilation system that is flexible, energy efficient, quick and easy to install, which does not take up too much space in the building, is based on components that are easy to obtain and replace, and which has a simple and low frequency maintenance. The PROBIS project aims to increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of European public buildings through innovative solutions.

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