€350 million

The amount set by the the Finnish Government to be invested in cleantech solutions


The increase in overall investment in clean energy in the UK in 2014. Investment now totals £10bn

£60 trillion

The amount that is expected to be invested in global infrastructure in urban, land-use and energy systems over the next 15 years.

1 million

The number of people employed within the low carbon economy in the UK


More than one third of European companies have sold an innovative good or service as part of a public procurement contract they won since 2011.


Two thirds of companies in Europe (66%) have introduced at least one innovation since January 2011 – most likely innovative services (38%) or goods (37%).



For nearly four in ten companies (39%), innovative goods or services contributed more than 25% of annual turnover in 2013.

1 in 20

In Europe, around one in twenty companies have been involved in the Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions since January 2011.


With an estimated 19.4 % of the European Union’s GDP in 2009, public procurement has an immense potential to pull EU innovations to the market, support lead customer and catalysing effects, and thus provide innovative firms with a head start in the global markets.

1 in 4

One out of four jobs in the private sector in the European Union is in manufacturing industry, and at least another one out of four is in associated services that depend on industry as a supplier or as a client.

500 million

The Single Market combines 500 million consumers, 220 million workers and 20 million entrepreneurs.

3.7 million

An expenditure of 3% of EU GDP on R&D by 2020 could create 3.7 million jobs and increase annual GDP by close to €800 billion by 2025.


Although the EU market is the largest in the world, it remains fragmented and insufficiently innovation friendly. Although the services sector accounts for 70% of the economy, knowledge intensive services are still under-developed.

£ 82 million

The UK government has earmarked £82 million of funding for the development and purchase of innovative transport technology.




The number of patented inventions in renewable energy (+24 per cent), electric and hybrid vehicles (+20 per cent), and energy efficiency in building and lighting (+11 per cent) in OECD countries.

20 times

The difference between public sector spending on Research, Development and Innovation in the US compared to Europe. The US spends $54 billion per year, far greater than Europe's yearly spending.


The percentage of the Cohesion policy budget that accounts for projects, including major construction works related to infrastructure investment, involving large-scale public procurement procedures (some €159 billion) at EU level in the period 2007-2013.


The number of contracting authorities or entities estimated by the European Commission in 2011.

€542 billion

The amount public procurement will be worth in key emerging markets by 2030. 12 countries including Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia and South Korea will grow on average by 5.5 percent a year.


The percentage of products manufactured in Denmark which were eco-innovative.


Annual cost savings in the Institute of Electricity of Costa Rica after a market consultation for their service procurement.