About the Procurement of Innovation Platform

With Europe's economy facing serious challenges with regard to growth and competitiveness, the imperative to find innovative and sustainable solutions to stimulate the market is higher than ever before. Recognising this necessity, ICLEI developed the Procurement of Innovation Platform, an online hub that helps public authorities, procurers, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders harness the power of innovation procurement, which covers procurement of innovation (PPI) and pre-commercial procurement (PCP). Custom-made to meet user’s needs, the Platform is comprised of three elements: Website, Procurement Forum, and Resource Centre.

Going online, the website is the first port of call for all things related to innovation procurement - PPI and PCP. It contains the latest news on PPI and PCP developments and events, as well as background information on the European legal framework, policy support, and more.  The Procurement Forum is a specially designed networking tool. It is a space for procurers and related stakeholders from around Europe to discuss, share and connect, allowing them to post comments and upload documents, images or videos. Users can also create private groups, which are ideal for developing and coordinating projects involving numerous partners.

When it comes to knowledge, the Resource Centre provides a centralised database for innovation procurement guidance, gathering useful documents in one place. Resources include national and European policy and strategy documents, tools, good practice case studies, details of projects and initiatives, as well as reports and valuable links on innovation and procurement. 

The Platform is managed by the ICLEI European Secretariat's Sustainable Economy and Procurement team, and has been developed with support from the European Commission, and in partnership with PIANOo – the Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre, REC – the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe and IWT – the Flemish agency for Innovation by Science and Technology.


About the Co-ordinator

ICLEI is:                             

  • An association of over 1,500 local governments that represents the interests of local authorities within the United Nations and at international policy forums.
  • A movement driving positive change on a global scale through programmes and campaigns on local sustainability.
  • A resource centre offering information, tools, networking, training and consulting services.

ICLEI has been working on sustainable procurement for over 20 years - helping support public authorities in implementation, spreading awareness of the concept, developing new approaches, and encouraging policy developments at the European and international level.

ICLEI is a member of the European Commission's GPP EU-27 Advisory Group chaired by the European Commission's DG Environment, the United Nations Marrakech Task Force on Sustainable Public Procurement and is a co-founder and Vice-Chair of the International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN).

ICLEI is involved in a variety of innovation procurement initiatives and projects, holds events on sustainable public procurement and co-ordinates a number of international networking activities.

Visit ICLEI's European homepage to find out more.