Exchange & networking opportunities

The Procurement of Innovation Platform provides a number of opportunities for people to meet and exchange on the topic of public procurement of innovation.

The Procurement Forum

A professional social network for procurers to share information and discuss experiences, problems and solutions. Private groups can be created for in-depth or sensitive discussions. Project coordinators can create a space to plan and grow their project in a structured and dynamic environment.

Experience Exchange Programme

The Experience Exchange has been a programme allowing public authorities to visit organisations advanced in PPI and PCP and to develop practical experience. It aimed at both less-advanced public authorities, wishing to gain advice and tutoring, and more advanced public authorities, aiming at acquiring a broader understanding of the topic.

EcoProcura conferences

Happening every 2-3 years, the EcoProcura conference series is the biggest of its kind on Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) and Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) in Europe. Up to 350 purchasers, policy-makers, multipliers, supplier and manufacturers meet to discuss and share experiences.