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9 March 2017

PPI case study videos published by EAFIP

A series of videos demonstrating case studies on Pre-Commercial Procurement and Public Procurement of Innovation have been published by EAFIP, detailing the experiences of procurers from the UK, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and France of using innovation in the public procurement process. Three of the case studies relate to PPI projects in the fields of future hospital ward lighting, intelligent energy management and healthy ageing.

Steph Holmes, from the Rotherham National Health Service Foundation (UK) outlines how the procurement of innovative lighting for hospital wards exceeded expectations by providing operational, construction and design benefits. As a result of their approach through an international procurement consortium, the project made improvements including bio-dynamic lighting reducing patient anxiety and limiting the impact of construction and maintenance by pre-fabricating new units with integrated, future-proofed lighting.

Each case study interviewed provides advice for procurers with similar challenges and explains the procurement process within their own project and points to the lessons learned through their engagement with PPI.

The full series can be viewed on EAFIP's YouTube channel. For more information, visit the EAFIP website.