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6 April 2017

New resource on procurement of bio-based products and services

The InnProBio project has launched a "Frequently Asked Questions" resource on its website as part of the development of the project's Decision Support Tool. Aimed at answering questions frequently traded between procurers and other public servants on bio-based product categories, the resource also seeks to increase the purchasing of bio-based products.

What are bio-based products and services? Why is it called procurement of innovative bio-based products and services? Why should bio-based products be promoted or preferred through public procurement? What are the advantages of bio-based products for users/consumers compared to traditional products? These are some of the issues dealt with in detail on the FAQ resource.

InnProBio, the Forum for Bio-Based Innovation in Public Procurement, aims to develop a community of public procurement practitioners interested in innovative bio-based products and services.
For more information and to use the FAQ resource, visit the InnProBio website.