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October 2013

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to send you the second edition of the PPI Platform newsletter! Through this newsletter we hope to keep you up to date with the latest PPI and PCP news.

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    • iNNObooster events to explore the office of the future
    • SPEA PROJECT to improve access to innovative energy efficiency technologies
    • PPI Platform helps public authorities move from theory to practice
    • Sustainable bed-washing facility achieved through innovative procurement
    • Sustainable Innovation 2013
    • Global challenges in Public Private Partnerships
    • Procure innovation effectively - training seminar

1   PPI Platform officially launches

The Procurement of Innovation Platform was officially launched today at the high-level event "The Path to Growth: Achieving excellence in business friendly public administration" in Brussels (Belgium). The resource was developed to help public authorities, procurers, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders harness the power of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) and Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP).

“Public procurement of sustainable and innovative goods and services is one of the essential tools for stimulating new technological or service solutions while helping to create jobs and boosting the competitiveness of the European industry and SMEs. It also encourages more efficient public services. It is therefore time for action. Public procurers in Europe must have a significant role to play in this societal transformation” said Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the EC and European Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship.

Custom-made to meet users' needs, the online section of the Procurement of Innovation Platform is comprised of three elements: Website, Procurement Forum, and Resource Centre.

The website contains the latest news on PPI and PCP developments and events, as well as policy and legal support. The Procurement Forum is a networking space for procurers and stakeholders from around Europe, and the Resource Centre provides a database for PPI guidance, making useful documents accessible in one place.

In addition, the platform will provide hands-on support to European public authorities through a series of training courses focused on tools and techniques, and an experience exchange programme held between more and less advanced public authorities. Concrete guidance on how to implement PPI is being developed and will be open for consultation in the coming months.

European public authorities are also invited to apply for the Public Procurement of Innovation Award, which will be presented to exemplary public authorities that purchase innovative, effective and efficient products and services. The deadline for applications for the first edition of the award is 31 March 2014.

The Procurement of Innovation Platform has been developed with support from the European Commission, and in partnership with ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, PIANOo – the Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre, REC – the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe and IWT – the Flemish Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology.

For more information, or to sign up to the Platform, visit www.innovation-procurement.org.

2   Latest news

iNNObooster events to explore the office of the future

The Innobooster inLIFE project will hold three supplier engagement events in Graz (Austria), Munich (Germany) and Helsinki (Finland), focusing on the “office of the future in the public sector”. Participants of the Supplier Innovation Days will be companies specialised in disciplines such as acoustics, ergonomics and furniture. The first event will take place in spring 2014.

The Federal Procurement Agency Austria is currently looking for interested, innovative suppliers in office furnishings to attend. Selected participants will meet other relevant actors in the field and have the chance to elaborate on and develop future office solutions.

A workshop to define the office needs of the public sector will also be held, with procurers from relevant ministries invited to participate. To further define needs, the results of an innovative test buy that took place in an Austrian Ministry will be evaluated. The results of the workshop, the test outcomes and the Supplier Innovation Days will be brought together to serve as the basis for the innovative office tender.

For more information, click here.

SPEA PROJECT to improve access to innovative energy efficiency technologies

The European Commission-funded Smart Procurement European Alliance (SPEA) project aims to find solutions in the area of energy efficiency in municipal buildings through innovative public procurement. The project operates in the cities of Barcelona (Spain), Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Birmingham (UK), enhancing innovation as a means to improve public services. The project also seeks to provide opportunities to SMEs to get involved in public procurement.

SPEA will develop a roadmap for procurement of innovative solutions to improve efficiency in municipal buildings. The map will evolve over the duration of the project, which runs from 2012 – 2016. Project partners will identify gaps by carrying out a coordinated procurement process that utilises innovative technologies. These findings will be integrated into existing municipal procurement processes.

The expectations of the project are to offer market opportunities to innovative companies, bring clear social benefits through public procurement of innovation, enhance procurement of truly innovative solutions, and contribute to emerging European networks of innovation-friendly procurers.

For more information, click here.

PPI Platform helps public authorities move from theory to practice

As well as online support, the PPI Platform will provide a number of opportunities for public authorities to further expand their PPI and PCP skills. Several one-day training sessions will be held across Europe, each focused on the practical side of implementing procurement of innovation. High-level experts will impart advice, and specially developed training materials will be provided. The first is scheduled to take place on the 28 November in The Hague (Netherlands), at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Additionally, an experience exchange will be held between public authorities. The exchange will see procurers from less experienced organisations travel to advanced organisations to gain a more in-depth understanding of the procurement processes.

As well as developing skills on PPI and PCP by learning from others, participants will also experience new ways of thinking about problems and solutions. Additionally, participants will get the chance to see PPI and PCP in action through field visits. Benefits for host organisations include the opportunity to promote their work on PPI and PCP, and the chance to exchange ideas with committed, enthusiastic individuals.

For more information on applying, click here.

Sustainable bed-washing facility achieved through innovative procurement

An EcoQUIP fast-track procurement project has recently concluded a tendering process for a sustainable and low carbon solution to deliver 70,000 clean beds annually for Erasmus MC, a University Medical Centre in Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

With the support of TNO and JERA Consulting, the Erasmus team adopted and altered the Forward Commitment Procurement (FCP) methodology, which was pioneered in the UK, to stimulate the supply chain to develop an innovative solution. “Clean beds are essential for patients and the timely delivery of clean beds is seen as an important issue for Erasmus MC” said Jeroen Veenendaal, Strategic Procurement Officer with Erasmus MC.

The previous bed-washing machine was labour intensive, used a large volume of water and was energy inefficient. The new solution has adapted robotics technology from the automotive industry to provide a precise, high temperature steam clean that is fully automated. The solution exceeds expectations in terms of environmental sustainability and has a favourable total cost of ownership. A contract has been signed for purchase subject to successful demonstration. An EcoQUIP study tour will visit the demonstration site early in 2014.

For more information, contact gaynor.whyles@jeraconsulting.com.

3   Recent resource uploads

Driving the Future Today: A strategy for ultra low emission vehicles in the UK, published by the UK Office for Low Emission Vehicles (2013)

The UK Government’s aspiration is that by 2050 almost every car and van in the UK fleet will be an ULEV, with the UK automotive industry at the forefront of their design, development and manufacture. This strategy sets out why this transformational change will happen, the opportunities it presents for the UK, and the challenges that must be overcome to exploit those opportunities. It articulates the Government’s clear and strong commitment to this agenda.

Green procurement and green products generate growth, published by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (2013)

Seven business cases for green procurement from Denmark are presented through this publication. The examples demonstrate how green procurement contributes to the green transition of society. The focus is on the effects of green procurement from the perspective of suppliers in regards to job creation, innovation, export, and marketing opportunities

Practical guide to innovative public procurement, published by the Ministère de l'économie et de finances de la France (2013)

The purpose of this guide is to help new buyers build their own method to find and harness the power of innovation. Presented as a toolbox, this resource aims to be a reservoir of ideas and processes to improve the practical experience of buyers.

More resources are available in the Resource Centre.

4   Events

4 - 5 November 2013

Sustainable Innovation 2013, Epsom, United Kingdom

The 4th European Conference on Corporate Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation (CONCORDi-2013) will focus on Financing R&D and innovation as a means to bolster corporate growth in the EU. The conference will address the financial challenges that inhibit innovation and the growth of European companies.

6 - 7 November 2013

Global challenges in Public Private Partnerships, Antwerp, Belgium

Featuring high-profile keynote speakers from both the academic and policy community, as well as finished research and research in progress, the Global challenges in Public Private Partnerships conference provides an excellent opportunity to engage with researchers and practitioners from around the world. The event will explore a range of topics, from the impact of the financial crisis on policy to bolstering innovation, through the perspective of a variety of sectors.

14 - 15 November 2013

High-level conference on Innovation Procurement in Krakow, Poland

The European Commission will present 2014 Horizon 2020 future calls for proposals as well as future financial instruments (Horizon 2020, CEF, Structural funds 2014-2020) to support the demand for innovation and innovative procurement. A special focus will be placed on recent developments in the support of innovation procurement in central Europe, from policy makers and practitioners involved in European buyers’ groups of innovative solutions.

28 November 2013

Procure innovation effectively - training seminar, The Hague, Netherlands

A number of one-day training seminars on PPI will be organised by the Procurement of Innovation Platform team. These will take place across Europe, from North and South to Central and Eastern Europe. The seminars will be free of charge, and on a case-by-case basis travel and accommodation for participants may be covered. The first training will take place 28 November 2013 in The Hague (the Netherlands).

If you would like to subscribe to the PPI Platform newsletter, please send an email to: info@innovation-procurement.org.


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