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December 2015

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to send you the latest – and final – edition of the PPI eNewsletter. Although this is the last edition of the newsletter, the PPI Platform will remain active and will continue to be the number one place to find news and resources on innovation procurement.

We at the PPI Platform team would like to thank our readers and hope that you’ve found the newsletter enjoyable and informative. If you’d like to get in touch with us or if you have news for the PPI Platform website, don’t hesitate to contact info@innovation-procurement.org.

As always, we warmly encourage you to visit www.innovation-procurement.org.

We wish you a relaxing holiday period and a successful new year!

Your PPI Platform team

    • Final PPI training session held in Barcelona
    • Dutch procurers join the Procurement Forum
    • Suppliers encouraged to tender for London Underground lighting contract
    • InnProBio website helps promote innovative bio-based products

1 Austrian wastewater recycling system wins prize for most innovative procurement in Europe

The procurement of a machine that vaporises waste-water to remove waste particles saw the Federal Procurement Agency of Austria awarded the Public Procurement of Innovation Award at a prestigious ceremony in Paris (France). The Federal Procurement Agency received a trophy for innovation procurement excellence, together with the title “European innovation procurement of the year”. They will also have a case study published on the Procurement of Innovation Platform in the coming weeks.

Four other finalists from across Europe were in competition for the award (more information on each finalist is available on the PPI Platform website). “The quality of each of the finalists meant that choosing the overall winner was very difficult. It was an exceptionally close competition,” said Mark Hidson, Deputy Regional Director at ICLEI Europe and jury member. “We felt that the procurement of the vaporising system best showcased the impressive work being carried out, as well as the type of solution that public procurement of innovation can achieve. The procurement brought together the institutional knowledge of public procurers with the ingenuity of the private sector.”

The innovative solution is used by the Austrian mint to clean water contaminated during the production of coins and notes. Vaporisation of the waste-water takes place in a vacuum, allowing for fresh water and waste particles to be separated. Once the filtering process is complete, 97 percent of the water can be reused. The ceremony was held as part of the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement event, organised by EAFIP.

For more information, visit the PPI Platform.

Image copyright: Matty van Sloten, Corvers

2   Latest news

Final PPI training session held in Barcelona

The PPI Platform held its final training session in Barcelona (Spain) on 10 November 2015, providing 13 participants from six countries with expert advice related to the challenges they face in procuring innovation. The training programme was developed to provide participants, ranging from beginners to experts, with both a theoretical framework and more practical advice on implementing Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI).

After an introduction to PPI by ICLEI’s Marlene Grauer, Stefan Wurm of the PPPI Service Point in Austria gave a first-hand account of how innovation procurement can be implemented and integrated into an organisation’s usual procurement routine. Floris den Boer from PIANOo provided an overview of the tools available for PPI, while Gaynor Whyles from Jera Consulting detailed some best practice cases in the field.

The training was generously supported by Barcelona City Council. If you would like to attend a future PPI Training session, contact marlene.grauer@iclei.org.

Image copyright: Dreamstime

Dutch procurers join the Procurement Forum

The Netherland’s online discussion platform for procurers has been transferred to the Procurement Forum, allowing Dutch members to join the Europe-wide discussion. The transfer was initiated and overseen by PIANOo, the Dutch Procurement Expertise Centre, the body responsible for working with procurers in The Netherlands.

As a result of the move, the Procurement Forum is now available in the Dutch language in addition to English. As well as reaching a more diverse audience, Dutch members can avail of the Procurement Forum’s new discussion space, which has been designed to cater to the needs of procurers.

This integration of national procurement discussions into a wider, more international context has significant benefits for all Procurement Forum members, and will no doubt lead to valuable exchange. The PPI Platform hopes to include further national discussion forums within the Procurement Forum in the future. With the members of PIANOo included, the Procurement Forum now has over 4100 members.

For more information, visit the PIANOo Forum group.

Image copyright: photo on Flickr by "hmmmayor", licensed under CC BY 2.0

Suppliers encouraged to tender for London Underground lighting contract

Transport for London (TfL), the body behind most aspects of public transport in the British capital, is inviting lighting manufacturers to tender for the replacement of lighting fixtures along the London Underground. Suppliers are requested to submit details of the lighting solutions they can provide from both a technical and commercial perspective. The tender is being carried out in the framework of the PRO-LITE project.

TfL will assess the entries and choose the solution with the best technical performance and most impressive life-cycle costs. Contracts will be awarded that last for up to eight years. Each contract is designed to incentivise innovation, allowing TfL to reward manufacturers that continually improve the quality of their lights, even during the contract.

Technical specifications of the tender for Lamps and Luminaires are available to read on the PRO-LITE website. PRO-LITE is co-funded by the European Commission and focuses on the procurement of innovative lighting technologies and solutions that offer social, environmental and economic benefits. A case study will be produced by the project based on the awarding of the contract.

For more information, visit the PRO-LITE website.

Image copyright: London Underground (photo on Flickr) by "NAPARAZZI", licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

InnProBio website helps promote innovative bio-based products

InnProBio, the Forum for Bio-Based Innovation in Public Procurement, can now be found online at www.innprobio.eu. With the public sector controlling around one fifth of European gross domestic product (GDP), public purchasers can significantly influence demand for and investment in bio-based products, which include “bio-based versions” of traditional products or novel products with entirely new and innovative functionalities.

The InnProBio website will provide a wealth of information for public procurers looking at purchasing innovative bio-based products (products that are wholly or partly derived from biomass) and services which employ their use. Through this channel, the InnProBio team aims to help bridge the policy and practice gap, providing procurement practitioners with tools and other resources to assist them in their day to day work.

One of InnProBio’s primary aims is to develop a community of procurers, decision-makers and suppliers interested in the procurement of bio-based products. A Group which specifically focuses on this topic is now also available on the Procurement Forum. InnProBio is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

For more information, visit the InnProBio website.

Image copyright: Dreamstime

3   Recent resource uploads

Public-Private Partnerships for SMART City Management, published by Uraía (2015).

This document is the result of the discussions held during the Uraía workshop, which took place in Oslo (Norway) from 29 - 30 June 2015. It gathers general recommendations on city-business cooperation related to SMART projects stemming from participants’ experiences.

Constructive Market Engagement - a guide to engaging effectively with suppliers, published by the New Zealand Government (2013).

This guide supports agencies to engage effectively with markets and suppliers when planning and undertaking procurement processes. It aims to change the ‘cone of silence’ myth: that government shouldn’t appear to be in contact with suppliers.

Fostering Innovation through Public Procurement - a research study, published by the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (2015).

An examination of how public procurement in Northern Ireland can better encourage innovation.

4   Events

29 February 2016

EURECA in Torino, Turin, Italy

EURECA, an EU-funded project that helps public procurers buy and tender for better, more energy efficient data centre solutions, is holding a small event in February 2016 that will present the tools being developed for the public procurement sector. The event will also outline the background of the project, and will place a particular focus on how data centre services are procured in Italy.

27 - 29 April 2016

8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns, Basque Country

The 8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns, the flagship conference on local sustainable development in Europe, is taking place from 27-29 April 2016 in Bilbao, Basque Country. The conference will demonstrate the urgent need for actions by local governments in shaping Europe’s future and will allow participants to capitalise on the positive momentum for transforming cities into truly sustainable areas through greater innovation.

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