Health & Elderly Care


THALEA focuses on telemedicine to improve the quality of care received in hospital intensive care units. It is using a pre-commercial procurement to develop control-centre software for tele-ICUs, tracking items such as physiologic parameters, laboratory results, and current medication.


IMAILE takes a holistic view of ICT within education and e-learning. The project brings together users and suppliers to develop products which focus on the needs of teachers and students, ensuring modern classrooms are equipped for the twenty first century.


StopandGo is working to improve the quality of life of older European citizens through an innovative procurement process using outcome-based specifications. The  project will produce a standard ‘European Specification Template’ to be used across six different regions.

EPP eHealth

EPP-eHealth aims to transform the market for eHealth solutions through dialogue and innovation procurement and has created a network of procuring organisations in healthcare.