European Assistance for Innovation Procurement is supporting public authorities to execute more and better innovation procurements for ICT-based solutions across the EU in this three-year initiative.


IMAILE takes a holistic view of ICT within education and e-learning. The project brings together users and suppliers to develop products which focus on the needs of teachers and students, ensuring modern classrooms are equipped for the twenty first century.


PPI2Innovate targets directly public procurers on all administrative levels in central Europe with the aim to build regional capacities in PPI, to change attitude towards PPI, to strengthen linkages among relevant stakeholders in regional innovation systems and to finally boost usage of PPI.


Through pre-commercial procurement, PreForma is developing innovative tools to assess and correct standards compliance. This is becoming increasingly important for libraries and archives, as more and more documents are being produced and stored digitally.


The EURECA project tackles the lack of knowledge and awareness on how to identify and procure environmentally sound and sustainable data centres. The work will encompass solutions for pre-commercial procurement and procurement of innovative solutions (PPI).