Learn from experts

A number of one-day training seminars on PPI has been organised by the Procurement of Innovation Platform team. These took place across Europe, from North and South to Central and Eastern Europe.  The seminars, free of charge, have, on a case-by-case basis, covered travel and accommodation for participants.

How to procure innovation effectively?

On behalf of the European Commission, PIANOo and ICLEI have developed a training to provide participants with both a theoretical framework and more practical advice on implementing Public procurement of innovation (PPI).

The training package has been specifically tailored to meet different needs, and targeted both beginners and those more advanced. The latest PPI support tools have been introduced and discussed, and specific aspects of innovation and procurement, such as criteria setting or pre-procurement aspects, have been explored. Specially, developed materials have also been provided and experts have been on hand to give advice.

Is this training for me?

These training targeted anyone involved in procurement within a public authority interested in developing their skills. Public authorities staff facilitating PPI practices also attended.

The three trainings were held: one in Northern Europe (led by PIANOo), one in Southern Europe (led by ICLEI) and one in Central and Eastern Europe (led by REC). These one day trainings, free of charge, consisted in 15 participants each and encountered participants from across Europe. The costs for travel and accommodation were covered on a case-by-case basis.

Date and location

The last training was held on 10 November 2015 in Barcelona. Download the draft agenda.